About Us

Eco Zone 2022 was established as a local, full-service waste paper recycling company serving the UAE. We are committed to helping your business reduce waste disposal costs and improve the environment by removing recyclable waste paper and other recyclable materials from landfills. The Eco Zone maintains the capacity to establish and continuously service complete recycling programs ranging from small offices to large industrial facilities. We are not alone in the recycling business. We are working to keep the earth clean for future generations. We believe in the recycling process and all the benefits it offers to businesses large and small.

At Eco Zone, We believe that every customer deserves a unique program that is customized to suit the specific needs of the job, and provides services that exceed industry standards and expectations. We understand that providing better management, waste and recycling services is more than just picking up your trash. The reason for our continued growth is our professional approach and commitment to make a difference to our customers.

Our approach to the overall management of a customer’s waste and recycling needs enables us to provide a skyline view of everyday activities and needs. We are a true turnkey waste and recycling management company that can successfully handle multi-site operations with unique and complex requirements.

Our Commitment

Provide transparent and seamless professional service. Implement critical daily requirements. Control costs and reduce overall costs. Improve site logistics and recommend changes. Include sustainable principles whenever possible. Provide analytical data and reporting.

Our Approach

Our promise of exceptional service is more than a sales pitch; It is a sign of our distinction. This commitment is reflected in all interactions with you & your business. We demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction at many levels of care.

Why Choose Us?

Provide Transparent & Professional Service. Execute Critical Day-To-Day Requirements. Manage Costs and Reduce Overall Expenses. Improve Site Logistics. Provide Analytical Data and Reporting. Provide Simplified and Consolidated Invoicing.